Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if my equipment is down?
More Than Just Service, Inc. provides our customers with 24-hour technical support, access to emergency parts ordering, and emergency service (in most cases), 7 days a week.  Should you have a problem with any equipment you purchase through our company, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are there for you in the good times and bad.  After all, after the sale -- it’s the service that counts!

If I am renovating or building a new store, can
More Than Just Service, Inc. specify equipment and help me with my layout?
Yes, More Than Just Service, Inc. can provide you with a detailed equipment list (including current pricing) and a layout, for a small fee. If you purchase your equipment through our company, this fee will be deducted in full from your invoice (some restrictions may apply). Once you finalize your equipment list and orders, we will send you spec sheets listing all the dimensions and utility requirements for each major item ordered. This added service has actually reduced costs, because all the information needed by others is there, has significantly helped our customers obtain permits more quickly, and has enabled them to conform to local health codes.